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Defensive- Handgun Training

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For The New shooter With No Experience

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM  Tuition $  250.00

Defensive Handgun I is a basic pistol class designed for those with a concealed carry permit and new shooters who have never handled a firearm before or those who have had experience, but not taken a formal handgun class. 

If you do not own a pistol, this is the class you would take. We can supply all equipment including a gun rental.  All you need do is to sign up, bring along a belt and sunglasses and we will take care of the rest.

This class is also intended for those of you who have not had any formal firearms training even if you have been shooting for a number of years or for those who want a review of the “basics” no matter how much training you’ve had. 

The principles of Defensive Handgun I are the basis upon which all our other courses are built. This course gives you a solid fundamental grounding and understanding of modern gun fighting and the use of the defensive pistol.   If in doubt about which course to start with, take this one before signing up for the next level.    You will learn a great deal and improve your basic skill sets.Classes forming in Baltimore-Essex- Bel Air Maryland.



· Setting up a “safe” room in your home for yourself and your family

· Discussion on the Use of Deadly Force with attendant videos

· Handgun Selection and set up

· Situational Awareness and what to avoid

· Combat Mindset

· Firearms Safety at home and at the range

· Proper loading and unloading

· Malfunction drills

· Shooting from 25 yards(75 feet)


· Cleaned and oiled pistol at least 9mm in caliber. * (can be provided at additional cost)

· Two magazines * (can be provided at additional cost)

· Eye and ear protection(provided)

· 150-250 rounds of factory ammunition(can be provided at additional cost)
(those with prior shooting experience may go through more rounds)

*A limited number of rentals are available for each class, so please indicate your need to rent when you sign up for a class either by putting it in the notes section or by calling us at 410-207-4449. For carbine rifle, sniper rifle, or shotgun rentals please call us to confirm they are available.

Additional Equipment and Attire as needed »

Tuition: $250.00 

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This course includes 4 hours of lecture and setup and 4 hours of range time with a Police Instructor.