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Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)

The HQL Process


Handgun Operation & Safety 101-

Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Training 

$100.00 per student (paid in advance)

$120.00 per student (no advance reservation)

The Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013 requires that a person acquire a Maryland HQL in order to purchase, receive, rent, etc. a regulated firearm after the effective date of October 1, 2013. (See below for more information)

This class is not only an HQL class, but is specifically designed as a handgun safety and operation class. It is intended to provide the student with invaluable information on how to safely operate and maintain a handgun.​

Additionally, this class contains the following topics:

State Firearms Law

Home Firearm Safety

Handgun Mechanisms and Operation

Cleaning and Maintenance ​

If you require a Maryland HQL, this is the class you need! However, it is also a must have for those who do not need the HQL, but would like to gain more knowledge of handguns and handgun safety.

The course consists of 4 hours of instruction including the required live fire component. Students participating in Saturday classes will complete the range portion immediately after the classroom portion is finished at the range facility listed on the Training Locations page.  

Please RSVP at least 48 hours in advance.

Vision1Tactical instructors and class content are approved by the Maryland State Police.

**HQL - The student is responsible for all application fees, fingerprinting fees, and any other fees required by the Maryland State Police.  Vision1Tactical will supply firearms and ammunition.


Now, here is the Application Process: YOU MUST  USE INTERNET EXPLORER 

1) Go To:

2) Click on Create User Account

3) After you creating your User Account, Log-On to:

4) On the Web Page, click on BLUE LINK that says "Initial Application"

5) On the Drop-Down Boxes use the following Options:

-Firearms Services

-HQL Training (Standard)


6) Then click Start Application and FOLLOW the examples listed, below are the boxes you will complete.

There are several Web Pages that you need to fill out. If you did not get Live Scan Fingerprints taken then you cannot fully complete the first Web Page until completed.

7) Enter the Live Scan Tracking Number and Date on the first Web Page of Online Application.

8) Enter HQL number of instructor for the training class.

9) When all the forms are filled out, submit them with your Master Card or Visa Credit Card Information for the $50.00 fee, and wait.

10) When all the forms are filled out, submit, and you should get your HQL in the mail in 4 weeks or less.

Maryland HQL Training, Concealed Carry class, Tactical Training, Civilian Tactical training,

Maryland HQL Training, Concealed Carry class, Tactical Training, Civilian Tactical training,

More Information

HQL Information

Maryland State Police  HQL contact number 410-653-4577

A person may not purchase, rent, or receive a handgun in after October 1, 2013 unless they possess a valid Handgun Qualification License (HQL) issued by the Maryland State Police or qualify for exemption status. Class's forming in Essex, Bel Air, and Baltimore Md. 

Exceptions to possession of the HQL License: 

​​-A Licensed Firearms Manufacturer.

-Active law enforcement officer or a person retired in good standing from a law enforcement agency of the United States (Federal Law Enforcement), the State, or a local law enforcement agency of the State.

-Active or retired member of the United States Armed Forces or National Guard and possesses a valid military identification card.

-A person purchasing, renting or receiving an antique, curio or relic as defined in federal law.

-Maryland licensed firearms dealers.

Required to have the HQL, but exempt from the training component: 

-Someone who completed a firearms safety training course approved by the Secretary of the Department of Maryland State Police. 
-Has completed a course of instruction in the competency and safety of firearms as prescribed under Natural Resources Article, §10-301.1, Annotated Code of Maryland. Application for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Hunter Safety Course Certificate can  used in lieu of Qualified Handgun Instruction.    

-Is currently a qualified handgun instructor.
-Is an honorably discharged member of the armed forces of the United States or National Guard.
-Is an employee of an armored car company who has a handgun permit issued by MSP.
-Lawfully owns a regulated firearm.  If you already own a handgun or assault weapon prior to October 1, 2013, you do not have to       complete the training to own, poses your  current  firearm. However,  to  purchase  new  regulated weapons you  must have  the  training  to  apply for the Handgun Qualification License.

In accordance with the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, individuals who are voluntarily admitted to an inpatient psychiatric facility (either state, private or acute general), for a period of 30 consecutive days or more, or involuntarily certified and retained by an Administrative Law Judge may have to surrender their firearms and will be prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm unless an individual is granted relief from firearm disqualification.