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For over 20 years Vision1tactical trainers have been teaching life-saving tactics and skills to Law Enforcement Officers and members of the Military. With the increase in mass casualty attacks in houses/church shootings at places of worship Vision1tactical offers this training to these establishments. Whether your house of worship has an established security team or just a group of attendees who are interested in ensuring the security of the worshipers, Vision1tactical can provide church training specifically tailored for your group and for your house of worship.  If desired, Vision1tactical can respond to your house of worship and conduct training within the actual establishment that the team wants to protect.  Though the training program will be tailored to the needs of your house of worship and take into consideration the skills of the students, some services offered are:

· Threat Recognition Training

· Firearms handling and Familiarization

· Use of Cover and Concealment

· Shooting and Moving

· Team-Based Live Fire Tactics

· Force-on-Force Training (which can be done in your house of worship)

Church Shootings/Training

If your house of worship is interested in this unique training, please contact us.  We conduct these programs in a discreet manner and will not advertise or publish your involvement. Classes forming in Baltimore-Bel Air-and Essex Maryland.