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Sniper-Rifle-Scope-Redot- Training

Sniper I THE basics

8.0 Hour course Tuition $400.00

Sniper I is a basic class designed for new precision rifle shooters and for those who have not had any formal training. We cover all the basics of the Sniper rifle including the use of optics, ranging, estimation of wind and distance and equipment selection. 



· Introduction to Sniper rifle

· Rifle set up

· Selection/care and cleaning of rifle and optics

· Basic operation of the precision rifle

· Ballistics - Internal/external

· Use of elevation/windage/parallax turrets

· Zeroing at 100 yards

· Ranging from the reticle

· Mil dot or MOA scope

· Establishment of clicks up-down 

· Calculation of holds

· Shooter/spotter coordination dialogue


· Rifle of .223 or greater caliber with sling *

· Optics

· Spotting scope or binoculars

· Knee and elbow pads

· Cleaning kit

· Backpack

· 75 rounds of ball ammunition

· 75 rounds of match ammunition



 *A limited number of rentals are available for each class, so please indicate your need to rent when you sign up for a class by calling us at 410-207-4449. For carbine rifle, sniper rifle, or shotgun rentals please call us to confirm they are available.